Are you Willing?

Do not ask for what you are not willing to work for  - The Accountability Process

There is work involved! Yes, that's what I said, there is work involved- in achieving what your goals, in living the life you know you deserve, in "making it"
Serena Williams did not wake up one morning after declaring that she wanted to be the best tennis player of all time and magically achieved that-there was some work involved
Usain Bolt - wanted to hold the record in 3 successive Olympics - he magically just didn't turn up on the track and won by his charm and natural talent
Jay Z didn't become the rapper that he is by luck alone

Do you get my point?
There is some  good ole fashioned sweat required in getting to anywhere and any thing you want to achieve, the question is, are you willing to put in the work?
What are you willing to do?
There is work that is required, the trick is when it is your purpose and it is you being you, all of you, many times work is play. Or it makes the tough days easier to get through.

When you see people at the top of their games, there is a story behind it, no one just woke up and became a success, there is nothing called "overnight success" trust that!
So are you willing to do the work?
Are you willing to do the work when you may have to stand alone?
Are you willing to stay up late and wake up early?
Are you willing to be disciplined and consistent?
Are you willing to take criticism?
Are you willing to walk the road with people or maybe without people you thought would be there with you?
Are you willing?


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