Give the Self Love a Go

Most bad feelings are the result of conflict. The conflict may be the result of not getting what you want or believe you can have. The conflict could come from the feeling that you are losing control of yourself and your life. At the core of all bad feelings there is an absence of one essential thing - Love - Until Today

Do something you love today. Something fun, healthy and wholesome. Do something to make you smile, to life your spirits, you don't need anyone to "help" you do that- pour some love on it

Have you ever noticed when you depend on others to "complete" you and you get it it is a short term fleeting feeling? Yeah! that's usually because the sustaining feeling comes from inside you.

There is no one who can "complete" you. Newsflash- you are already complete so its really a wild goose chase you are on looking for that- just thought I would save you some time and effort!

The secret is in loving yourself and that comes from accepting all that you are, not that there is no room for improvement but just starting from a point of I love me now, just as I am and moving along from that place

Give it a go


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