My Daily Ritual

Transformation means you change form. The old becomes unrecognizable - Deborah L Johnson

Someone asked me if I do something special to stay so calm and grounded. I have heard a number of times that I seem to be quite calm under pressure and sometimes even too laid back. Having thought about it I can say that I do have a daily ritual which I have honed over a number of years which centers me. I follow it consistently, There are very very few occasions that I miss a day.
I wake up  at 5am and I say out loud Thank You. In my mind I alert the Universe not only that I am here but that I am grateful for me coming into the day.
I  then sit on my porch and write in my journal- anything- how I am feeling, what is bothering me, what I am happy about, anything that comes to my mind, then I write what I am grateful for. I then read a positive message, I choose different books per month some of my favorites being The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, One Day My Soul Opened up by Iyanla Vanzant, The Untethered Soul and The Metaphysical Bible. I set my intention by also saying "Dear God, I give this day to you, what would you have me do?"
Then I press play on my "Positive Vibe" Playlist, I listen to music which uplift me until I leave the house!
I leave my house feeling pumped up and power filled, knowing that I have set my intentions, I have given the day to the Source who will guide me to do what is required for the upliftment of the planet and by extension myself

What is your daily ritual?


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