Love is who I am and what I do

Love is the cooperative, harmonizing,accepting,forgiving,essence of your soul.
Love does not give up.
Love does not demand what it does not have
Love doesn't force yourself itself on others in order to feel better about itself
Love doesn't attack to avenge itself
Love does not withhold itself
When we learn too see ourselves as love and to be present with others in loving ways, love will be anchored in out consciousness and on the planet. Iyanla Vanzant

Love is sometimes letting go and saying no
I am learning this
Love is wanting others to be happy even if it means them being happy without you
Love is like enjoying the sunrise sometimes - you see it rise and look at its magnificence but you cannot take it home
Love is having a strong no

I am reminding of myself of this today, It requires a new mindset for me, it requires a sound decision, the ability to commit to a course of action with persistence and lack of guilt.
I want what I want when I want it
That sometimes lead to confusion and fear as many times in that approach it is my ego shouting at me.
Shouting to WIN, WIN WIN - no matter what, what what!
There are times for winning no matter what
There are times when winning doesn't matter but showing up real and open
How do you know?
You will be at peace when you decide


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