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Day 4- Why Are You Here in DC - Book Tour

Lightwork can be a fight. If you think being on the “spiritual” side of progress guarantees you harmony, then either you haven’t been at it long enough or you’ve been playing it safe. Harmonizing, healing, serving,’s messy work. Beautiful. Worth it. But messy.Challenges on the cusp of your success aren’t always "self-sabotage". Sometimes it’s a cosmic call to arms, an opportunity to prove your devotion. An initiation that can come in the form of back attacks, derailed plans, shocking political upsets. Danielle LA Porte

Yesterday I spent the day organising menu's for today, doing a site visit and ended it with a jazz concert at the National Gallery. In between all of that I had to go to the Pharmacy because the sniffles started. It has been a case of the house inside is freezing, outside is like an oven, jump ina car, it's freezing, outside the car is like a fireball. And so the hot, cold dance goes. I was not prepared, I am fully in summer mode! so I got …

Day 3- Why Are You Here in DC - Book Tour

much of the work in obtaining what you want is reminding yourself you are deserving of it in the first place. Joel Leon

My mantra for this tour - expect the unexpected and handle it!
The Journey to here was cool-ish! I know I am addicted to wifi! I was so mad at JFK Airport- I was cussing! Like how one of the largest airports in the world has such crap service, not free and the paid one is rubbish! I was going on a rant then I decided- it is what is is! Moving right along, find a solution or find something else to do!
That helped the mood! I did some writing, walked around. found a solution when I was calm
Arrived in DC and the Ambassador and his wife are really welcoming warm hosts, I went to a function at the Embassy right away- totally unprepared dress wise, but it is what it is, I rocked my slippers with such confidence, people thought I was either mad or a creative, either way, I showed up, made some contacts and had a good time!
I am grateful

Shift it

The fact is that we spend more energy making choices to keep our life in place than we do in moving forward, all the while knowing on some level that change is constant - Carolyn Myss
Change is a challenge, human beings love habits and being in control. We love "to know what is going on all the time" To have the all the information and the facts to make an informed decision
Change moves us away from the "known" there is discomfort, there are questions and gaps that sometimes we have absolutely no idea how to navigate when it is totally new
This is where trust comes in. Can we trust that there is something bigger than what we can see going on?

It's difficult to step out in the unknown, trust me I know
I have a million reasons why I want to remain in the same space. it's easier, it is comfortable, it is known, it is "fill in the blanks" 
All fear!
Stepping out is scary, honor that!
And fly!

Who Are You Becoming

We have yet to know the person we will be a year from now. And between now and that point will be conversations and experiences and challenges and life surprises and who knows what else that will yet again and once more introduce you to some unknown part of you. Carolyn Myss

One of the bonuses of achieving goals or even going after goals is who you become in the process. The qualities that you gain on the journey to the goals you set out

The courage
the discipline, 
the wisdom, 
the compassion, 
the forgiveness. 

These are some of  the qualities you gain in achieving the clear goals that you have set for yourself. 

I heard before that the lessons are on the path, and the path is the journey. I get it
The qualities   you gain on that journey hold you in good stead for the next phase of the journey, and the beauty of this life is if one does not master the lesson events are repeated to give you another chance to, and sometimes the second chance can be helpful

Often times I found myself always wan…

Step Out

Doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one.”
― Voltaire

Doubt. Uncertainty.Wanting to be sure. Wanting to know what is next. Those tapes have been on repeat on my life's sound track over the past couple of weeks since securing the Washington DC Book Tour gigs. Amplified!
I am about to embark on an unknown journey, my work will be featured in some of the most historic places for authors- and for sure, I am so grateful, so happy and excited, but dear oh dear, the doubts are real! The struggle has been real!
In times as this, let me tell you lovies

Stepping out on faith is required!
Self belief is essential
Step out on what you know, get everything you require on the way, your potential is in the unknown.

Put together what you know and step out!

Step into the fact that you are ready, you are magnificent, and you want to show this to the world as a demonstration that we all are, that we don't have to know everything, know all the answers, know the end r…

The Book Tour - Washington DC July 2017

clarity of desire, root into the depths of positivity, fend off doubts with Faith, and repeat. Every minute of every day, give or take. Danielle La Porte
Next week my book tour begins! I wanted this. The Universe responded! to have the opportunity to read at such historic spots - Busboys & Poets, Sankofa Books and Videos! I am so grateful for this opportunity and to all who played a part in making this happen, I could not do it alone.  And so the preparation begins Spread the word Tell your friends Akosua is coming to DC Get Ready

Day 5 - Home Time

Get real and... Be idealistic. - Danielle La Porte

The flight to return was delayed by just over an hour. Seems to be the norm in these parts, but, we had 2 additional connecting flights with very little time in between, I was told that the connecting flights will wait! This I had to see On the first connecting I literally ran with my shoes half way off to catch it, literally last ones on the aircraft - they did wait! Second one, we disembarked on to the tarmac, and ran to the next plane on the tarmac- what an adventure! Did not even get into the building!
They did wait!
Some people wait on you! Note to self!!
Nice to be back at home Peace

Day 4 St Kitts and Nevis

that there's no abiding success without commitment.
Anthony Robbins said that, and he was right.
Commitment is the key to achievement. Neale Donald Walsh
We were scheduled to go to visit the Sea Moss (Sea Weed) sites, however the rain had other plans coupled with an impromptu meeting that our host had to attend. I took that as an opportunity to return at another time to "complete the visit"
St Kitts and Nevis was a wonderful experience, the young people in decision making roles are open and ready to make a difference. I am happy to be a part of this
I am about to head to the airport aka taxi, to head back home
Holla at ya on the flip side

Day 3 St Kitts and Nevis

Life just can't get no better than this
Mother Nature's given us a kiss
Cuz tomorrow I'm glad I didn't miss
Let's take advantage of days like this

Beautiful Day Mary J Blige

I love learning new things, today's workshop I not only learnt so many new applications for what we call sea moss, I met some really amazing friendly people who are committed to making where they live a better place. This is the beauty of travelling - I get to see that we really all are the same.
I woke up earky to run the monstor hills, left my gear outside on the porch and it was soaking wet! little did I realise that rain fell overnight! That was not going to deter me, wasn't I going to sweat anyway? I was able to catch an amazing sunrise over the water as a cruise ship docked, the simple magnificence of it all had me in awe, that it really is the simple things that matter most. A Course in Miracle says  ego is complicated. I tend to now agree that simplicity matters
Seeing that sunrise…

Day 2 St Kitts and Nevis

Over and over you can be sure
There will be sorrow but you will endure
Where there's a flower there's the sun and the rain
Oh and it's wonderful there both one in the same - Joy and Pain by Maze

This is my first time on this island. Getting here was an adventure, we stoped in 4 islands before arriving, it's not the easiest place to access from where I live, so after 2 planes and 6 hours, which involved 4 stops we arrived. Lovely island, friendly people, I am right on the beach, cannot ask for more. and I have the option of walking downstairs and seeing 8 dolphins diving around, it really is a blessing having this opportunity

I woke up early on the first day and ran - the hills are monsters! I am calling it hill daddy! no flats only hills- makes for a workout and a half! That run really challenged me big time

The workshop was also quite a learning experience, I am always happiest in learning mode - and that I was all day today
Being around water makes me reflect so much, I loo…

Holla at ya on the Flip Side

Your purpose serves your soul, your purpose may not pay you a salary - Susan  L Taylor
I am on my way to the lovely island of St Kitts and Nevis - the name of the project is  Enhancing Alternative Livelihoods and Food Security in St. Kitts and Nevis through the Cultivation and Commercialisation of Sea Moss I have never been to St Kitts and Nevis - looking forward to being of service in anyway to the people of those islands and sharing lessons and experiences Holla at ya on the flip side my lovies! Peace

Act Like You Are Grown!

Maturity includes the recognition that no one is going to see anything in us that we don't see in ourselves. Stop waiting for a producer. Produce yourself. Marianne Williamson

I am a huge fan of Marianne Williamson, her book A Return to Love really shifted the way that I thought about life and also introduced me to one of my best guides called A Course in Miracles. Marianne has some wonderful periodic livestream talks which I make it a point to listen to as much as possible. At the end she says "Okay, let's talk about anything that you want to talk about" and the oportunity is given to the audience both livestream and live auduience to pose questions really about anything, it is in these sessions I learn a number of lessons. I see the practical application of A Course in Miracles, somehow, well not somehow, as nothing is random, I can relate to many of the conversations as it sounds so much like what I would ask her if I ever build up the courage.

And so on Tuesday s…

You both have everything and are everything

you both have everything and are everything - ACIM
I love this line from A Course in Miracles, it reminds me every time that I read it how I am enough. Just by virtue of being born I start at 100% so why fight up to prove anything to anyone, or to make myself stressed out to be "someone" I have everything and I am everything- breathe that in for a minute 

If the lesson is over.....

And I will encourage every sister to be unafraid of asking questions for fear that they may say the wrong thing too early. I will tell them to run from men who cannot show proof that they are actually doing the work to be well. I will challenge the men I know and love to just…do…better. To not exploit and exhaust the love of women and then discard them as if they are trash. And I will be proof to everyone -including you- that there is life after insufficient love and, though rare, peach tulips actually do bloom in summertime. Candice Benbow

Letting go for me, from an intimate relationship is a challenge, I must admit. Feelings of losing, however misguided they are, triggers of being abandoned and rejected, and ego musings of - hey it's me, I am a lovely person, don't you dare!
I think about all the time I invested in dreams and desires, and how someone else is now benefitting from the growth.
I think about dreams unfulfilled and what could have been, I think about was it all true…

Don't Hold on, Don't Hold Back

Hello lovies How y'all doing? I am sharing one of my favourite lessons on the journey. I went back to read this over the weekend, for a refill.  My health has been in fluctuating mode and I know that it is because I have holding things in, haven't figured out why totally yet, so I go back to this lesson as a reminder and I wanted to share it with you
As women, you take things in and digest it, and you have to eliminate as well. We have to draw nutrients that feed our life and our soul and then eliminate the rest. That’s where a lot of us have problems. We don’t eliminate. We will hold on to people, things, clothes, ideas, beliefs and behaviours longer than necessary. Then when we have these dramatic eruptions in our lives—be it a breakdown in a relationship, a loss of a job, a rift in the family—we don’t understand why. You have to look at how you digested your experiences. What are you holding on to and how are you processing things through your mind and your heart? Your whole …

You Are Enough

What’s it like to go through life thinking you’re not quite enough—defective, flawed? Most of us know EXACTLY how that feels. And what happens when we believe the lie? I’ll tell you what happens...We become chronic self-fixers, habitual strivers, always trying to get on the right side of Universal law.
Danielle La Porte

I'm here to tell you, simply - You Are Enough- start from there. There is no gap to fill, nothing to fix, nothing to alter to be "more like"
So you are called wierd, you like avocado and peanut butter sandwiches, maybe you want to be a singer after spending loads of cash on a law degree and your family thinks that you are a nutter! I don't know what it is that you want or have or believe that ought to change, all I can say is, simply - You Are Enough!

That is not to say that there is no room from improvement, however this comes from a place of love not fear, from inside not external stimulation,from achieving my dreams and purpose rather than people plea…