Shift it

The fact is that we spend more energy making choices to keep our life in place than we do in moving forward, all the while knowing on some level that change is constant - Carolyn Myss

Change is a challenge, human beings love habits and being in control. We love "to know what is going on all the time" To have the all the information and the facts to make an informed decision

Change moves us away from the "known" there is discomfort, there are questions and gaps that sometimes we have absolutely no idea how to navigate when it is totally new
This is where trust comes in. Can we trust that there is something bigger than what we can see going on?

It's difficult to step out in the unknown, trust me I know
I have a million reasons why I want to remain in the same space. it's easier, it is comfortable, it is known, it is "fill in the blanks" 
All fear!
Stepping out is scary, honor that!
And fly!


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