Day 3 St Kitts and Nevis

Life just can't get no better than this
Mother Nature's given us a kiss
Cuz tomorrow I'm glad I didn't miss
Let's take advantage of days like this

Beautiful Day Mary J Blige

I love learning new things, today's workshop I not only learnt so many new applications for what we call sea moss, I met some really amazing friendly people who are committed to making where they live a better place. This is the beauty of travelling - I get to see that we really all are the same.
I woke up earky to run the monstor hills, left my gear outside on the porch and it was soaking wet! little did I realise that rain fell overnight! That was not going to deter me, wasn't I going to sweat anyway? I was able to catch an amazing sunrise over the water as a cruise ship docked, the simple magnificence of it all had me in awe, that it really is the simple things that matter most. A Course in Miracle says  ego is complicated. I tend to now agree that simplicity matters
Seeing that sunrise set me up nicely for the day, my frame of mind was pure awe and gratitude which I took with me into the workshop. We had fun, we had productive conversations and after we had a way forward
A win all round!



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