Step Out

Doubt is an uncomfortable condition, but certainty is a ridiculous one.” 
― Voltaire

Doubt. Uncertainty.Wanting to be sure. Wanting to know what is next. Those tapes have been on repeat on my life's sound track over the past couple of weeks since securing the Washington DC Book Tour gigs. Amplified!
I am about to embark on an unknown journey, my work will be featured in some of the most historic places for authors- and for sure, I am so grateful, so happy and excited, but dear oh dear, the doubts are real! The struggle has been real!
In times as this, let me tell you lovies

Stepping out on faith is required!
Self belief is essential
Step out on what you know, get everything you require on the way, your potential is in the unknown.

Put together what you know and step out!

Step into the fact that you are ready, you are magnificent, and you want to show this to the world as a demonstration that we all are, that we don't have to know everything, know all the answers, know the end resut with certainty to live a full life!

You are not being asked to understand it al- just to step out


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