Day 3- Why Are You Here in DC - Book Tour

much of the work in obtaining what you want is reminding yourself you are deserving of it in the first place. Joel Leon

My mantra for this tour - expect the unexpected and handle it!
The Journey to here was cool-ish! I know I am addicted to wifi! I was so mad at JFK Airport- I was cussing! Like how one of the largest airports in the world has such crap service, not free and the paid one is rubbish! I was going on a rant then I decided- it is what is is! Moving right along, find a solution or find something else to do!
That helped the mood! I did some writing, walked around. found a solution when I was calm
Arrived in DC and the Ambassador and his wife are really welcoming warm hosts, I went to a function at the Embassy right away- totally unprepared dress wise, but it is what it is, I rocked my slippers with such confidence, people thought I was either mad or a creative, either way, I showed up, made some contacts and had a good time!
I am grateful


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