Don't Hold on, Don't Hold Back

Hello lovies
How y'all doing? I am sharing one of my favourite lessons on the journey. I went back to read this over the weekend, for a refill.  My health has been in fluctuating mode and I know that it is because I have holding things in, haven't figured out why totally yet, so I go back to this lesson as a reminder and I wanted to share it with you

As women, you take things in and digest it, and you have to eliminate as well. We have to draw nutrients that feed our life and our soul and then eliminate the rest. That’s where a lot of us have problems. We don’t eliminate. We will hold on to people, things, clothes, ideas, beliefs and behaviours longer than necessary. Then when we have these dramatic eruptions in our lives—be it a breakdown in a relationship, a loss of a job, a rift in the family—we don’t understand why. You have to look at how you digested your experiences. What are you holding on to and how are you processing things through your mind and your heart? Your whole life is a colon. You have to eliminate. 

The lesson is, don’t hold on and don’t hold back. We hold so much energy, thoughts and emotions and have ruptures in our relationships and finances and internally with diseases. We also have to renew and recharge our vision. Just because it’s a good idea in March, it may not still be a good idea in July if it’s not bearing fruit. In these 60 to 90 days, ask yourself, What am I doing? What is the progress I’m making? Do I need to make some additions or eliminate some things or people? Iyanla

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