Get Your BS straight

So many things I still don't know
So many times I've changed my mind
Guess I was born to make mistakes
But I ain't scared to take the weight
So when I stumble off the path
I know my heart will guide me back - Erykah Badu

Do you believe in yourself? 

Do you believe in your goals and dreams?
Do you believe in your purpose and gifts?
Do you believe in why you are here?

I mean really do?
How would you know?
As yourself and then listen to the response

Do you even know what your goals, purpose, dreams and gifts are?
If you don't ask yourself that as well, and listen for the answer

Have you found yourself making excuses for why you are still in a situation that makes you miserable and sick?
It's the money, it's the time, it's the kids, it's the responsibilities, it's the economy, it's the husband, the mortgage, the cat, the dog, the goldfish, the parrot, the grandma, the papa
you aren't ready!
you aren't believing in yourself
your faith is in what cannot work, rather than what can
That is is! Faith and belief in yourself is missing!

And how do you get to this space?
You have to do the work in knowing who you are and why you are here and be comfortable with that
You have to do the work in believing in YOU, what are your CORE beliefs? - do you believe in yourself and your abilities or your lack of money? or lack of opportunities? What do you really really beliefve in? That shows up in your life by what happens on a daily basis! You get what you believe- full stop
What is your level of self awareness? 
For a long time I believed that my success was an accident- my good fortune was be fluke
Well you know what happened? It didn't last, I did not believe I DESERVED IT!
I had to do the work, I had to be self aware, to know who I am and why I was here!
it really is that simple, nothing more complicated than that
Commit to doing the work, commit to self belief and watch what happens!


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