If the lesson is over.....

And I will encourage every sister to be unafraid of asking questions for fear that they may say the wrong thing too early. I will tell them to run from men who cannot show proof that they are actually doing the work to be well. I will challenge the men I know and love to just…do…better. To not exploit and exhaust the love of women and then discard them as if they are trash. And I will be proof to everyone -including you- that there is life after insufficient love and, though rare, peach tulips actually do bloom in summertime. Candice Benbow

Letting go for me, from an intimate relationship is a challenge, I must admit. Feelings of losing, however misguided they are, triggers of being abandoned and rejected, and ego musings of - hey it's me, I am a lovely person, don't you dare!
I think about all the time I invested in dreams and desires, and how someone else is now benefitting from the growth.
I think about dreams unfulfilled and what could have been, I think about was it all true or was it a game
I really would overthink the hell out of the thing 
I must admit that over time the challenge has been less and less over the last year because of the lessons that I picked up on the journey.
1. this too shall pass
2. everything and everyone you meet is for a reason  and season- know this
3. forgiveness is everything- forgive yourself first
4. winning - leave that alone!
5. when the lesson has been learnt the teacher will move on
6. vulnerability is essential in building soul connections
7. give it time, don't push the river
8. overthinking is not a very good idea
9. ask yourself, what would you do if you were not afraid- then do it
10. love yourself through it all

And so, I am slowly letting go and it is becoming easier and easier, I only have control over me and my responses- so sticking with that knowing that all things are lessons that God will have us learn


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