Who Are You Becoming

We have yet to know the person we will be a year from now. And between now and that point will be conversations and experiences and challenges and life surprises and who knows what else that will yet again and once more introduce you to some unknown part of you. Carolyn Myss

One of the bonuses of achieving goals or even going after goals is who you become in the process. The qualities that you gain on the journey to the goals you set out

The courage
the discipline, 
the wisdom, 
the compassion, 
the forgiveness. 

These are some of  the qualities you gain in achieving the clear goals that you have set for yourself. 

I heard before that the lessons are on the path, and the path is the journey. I get it
The qualities   you gain on that journey hold you in good stead for the next phase of the journey, and the beauty of this life is if one does not master the lesson events are repeated to give you another chance to, and sometimes the second chance can be helpful

Often times I found myself always wanting to be somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else. The old, tomorrow theory. I want to be doing something else! It's a trick, a set up
Right where I am is where I am suppose to be! This is it, this is the place where the lessons, the fun, the love, the everything reside. Right here in this moment
I remember when I realise this an started p[racticing it, I was sitting on a stool in Kampala wanting to be somewhere else and I looked up and I just felt a sense of peace and a voice saying it's right here boo, whatever you are looking for is right here! I stopped and started. I stopped wishing to be somewhere else and was present in every moment- got me two books and a peace that passes all unerstanding
Today I am reminded that I am here, be here, now, paying attention

Who are you becoming on the journey?  Are you paying attention to who you are becoming? Do you even care?
Pay attention

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