Day 8 - Why Are You Here in DC - Book Tour

something happens when you slowly enjoy becoming the woman of your dreams. you begin to see how powerful you truly are

You must be moved by something, you just can't create because of creativity. You have to be moved by something or you will fade away. Ijeoma 

The time taken to see the musems and the Martin Luther King (MLK) memorial was well spent.  MLK is inspiring. His courage, his conviction, his desire for peace and non violence inspires me to do better, to be better. 
To make a difference
To shine

I was apprehensive to pay the 28bucks to go to see the tour because I was worried about money and whether I could have used it for something else that was more important but let me tell you- that 28 bucks bought me some inspiration that is worth 28million! 
I have heard before about acting abundant and abundance flows to you. This was definite proof of that. Acting abundant to feel abundant.
The feeling I left there with will definitely overflow into my life in so many ways


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