Day 7 - Why Are You Here in DC - Book Tour

Faith is a more practical way to deal with everyday life than cynicism toughness or defensiveness - Unknown

Sankofa Books and Video Cafe has a fascinating history, the independent bokstore turns 20 years old next year, they have been an epi center and heartbeat for Howard University students for almost two decades, a conscious space of learning and sharing. Having the opportunity to grace that spot was another dream realised. 
I made a friend on the Journey- The Universe is always right on time, Dana helped me set up on the first day, took pics and was just an all round breath of air, she also came with me to Sankofa and did the same thing, we arrived early and the place was quiet, I was getting nervous thinking oh dear no one would show up, coming close to the time one lady came in and said she was on her way home and got an email from Sankofa and she never checks emails, looked interesting and decided to come. 
At 2 mins past the time I was scheduled to speak only 3 people were there. I said a prayer for guidance and gratitude knowingthat who is supposed to be there was there
I started my talk, as I was talking more people came in, the place did not fill up but I somehow believed that me talking drew a crowd in from the nearby coffee shop. I had fun, I was relaxed, people felt free to ask questions, we had a discussion and the best thing was there was a young film maker from University using me as his project, so I am guaranteed some super professional shots and footage! I give thanks!

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