Day 6 - Why Are You Here in DC - Book Tour

Shyness and under confidence are not part of your DNA. You can change this. - Carole Rice

Confessions on the Journey - I was nervous, shitting bricks! I mean, it is Busboys and Poets! A renowned joint in the DC Area, the people who have graced that stage are like world renowned, the hype is high, and I was nervous. 
I took an Uber to the spot and it was heaving, full of people, a coffee shop, book store, restaurant and stage in one spot. 
They took such great care of me, made me as comfortable as possible. I was able to relax and soak it all in.
The talk went well, I relaxed after seeing a couple of familiar faces! and it flowed
It felt right being on the stage, sharing the lessons on the Journey, it just felt that doing this was the reason I was here!
Why Are You Here?

Saturday night as well was fabulous, I really had a lot of fun!
On to the next one tonight


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