Day 4- Why Are You Here in DC - Book Tour

Lightwork can be a fight. If you think being on the “spiritual” side of progress guarantees you harmony, then either you haven’t been at it long enough or you’ve been playing it safe. Harmonizing, healing, serving,’s messy work. Beautiful. Worth it. But messy. Challenges on the cusp of your success aren’t always "self-sabotage". Sometimes it’s a cosmic call to arms, an opportunity to prove your devotion. An initiation that can come in the form of back attacks, derailed plans, shocking political upsets. Danielle LA Porte

Yesterday I spent the day organising menu's for today, doing a site visit and ended it with a jazz concert at the National Gallery. In between all of that I had to go to the Pharmacy because the sniffles started. It has been a case of the house inside is freezing, outside is like an oven, jump ina car, it's freezing, outside the car is like a fireball. And so the hot, cold dance goes. I was not prepared, I am fully in summer mode! so I got to the pharmacy and stocked up. Then this morning the wickedest back pain ever came out and said "hey I am here!"  What's up with that I thought? I went to run, and ended up walking. 
Here is the thing, nothing is stopping this train! it's in motion I am ready to prove this devotion, it is a big day and I am ready!
How bad do you want this? That bad, no back ache of runny nose stands a chance here!


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