Top Ten Lessons on the Tour

The ego makes us think we are inherently self-destructive. The truth is, we do self-destructive things but we have a choice in the matter. We don't have to do that, and at the core it is not our will to do so. ACIM  

The tour is done! I had a great time! My motto was "expect the unexpected and handle it" and so I did
The unexpected was had to cancel one gig, was not able to spend the night at my sister's house and meet her baby and family for the first time, sold less books than I anticipated but it was all good and the highlights well outweighed the lowlights! I had fun, I had peace, I saw my growth, I saw my improvement on stage, I met some wonderful people and have somethings in the works!

Top Lessons on the Tour

1. Be Yourself - All the Time

2. Authenticity wins

3. Keep an open mind and a willing spirit

4. Set Boundaries - and keep them

5. The Universe got you- trust that - no matter how it looks

6. Make new friends

7. Exercising before gigs helps a whole heap  and having some still time

8. Gratitude is the great multiplier - be grateful for it all

9. Even if it seems as though things are out of control they aren't 

10. Have fun, always have fun

Cheers to the Tour


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