Why Are You Here in DC? Book Tour - Homeward Bound

You Don't need a crowd to celebrate your victories- Joel Leon

I did not grow up knowing that I had a sister, it was a "secret" she lived in another country, had another mother and just was not part of any discussion until I became an adult, when my father died the other 4 sisters surfaced as well. They are all lovely, doing well for themselves, living their lives, I spent very little time together with any of them since then. On this trip, I got an opportunity to spend time with the one that I clicked most with, I had a lot of fun, she is smart, well intentioned, level headed, extremely funny and made time for me in between her busy schedule of taking care of her new baby and family. I was very grateful for the time, I met some of her friends as well and it was loads of fun! Depite all the historical venues that I hit on this tour, this was really a highlight for me, I intend to keep in touch!

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