Approaching the bus stop! Offload in progress

Gallon People – Am I surrounding myself with people who are purpose? When you expect people to perform and even love on a gallon level and they are a pint person you will be frustrated as they cannot measure up to your expectations you can’t have a lot of pint people around you if you are a gallon person. Irrigate yourself with more gallon people, love and leave the pints alone! Bishop TD Jakes

The Monday morning sessions sometimes get heated! The Boss is one the most passionate and animated people that I have ever met! She gets excited about everything she does and the volume gets turned up! I respect that, passion is one quality that takes you through the tough times , and trust me on the entrepreneurship journey there will be tough times, in fact on any journey!

She asked me a question on my opinion on one of the projects. I responded that we needed to build the capacity of the people involved. She looked at me and said, you are too polite, when people cannot measure up, no hard feelings but they need to go on another boda boda and ride that! Hmm!!
Got me to thinking, when you have  done all that you can why force it? When you have tried and tried and its not adding up, what do you do? We hold on in fear, we hold on beating the dead horse, as Bishop Jakes says we hang around with pints!

So what did I learn today?
Love and leave the pints alone. Make room for new things, new experiences in your life, stop driving the bus with dead weight! Put the dead weight off and pick up some life!

The bus in now approaching the bus stop!!!



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