How do I answer this burning question?

We build kingdoms, townhouses and condos for your problems, or we invite them in and run baths for them – Iyanla (the absolute truth teller for real!!!)

I’m having a conversation about what “burning questions”! What are some of the burning questions that you ask yourself or if someone asks you a burning question about you and your life how do you respond?

So, I ask well what you consider a burning question then.

“When do you feel powerful? Passionate, free, incredibly useful, excited and inspired?”

What an absolutely awesome question and truth be told I couldn’t answer it right away, I was expecting to hear something totally different!

Can you answer it now? Hmm, I will have to think about it

Madam, you have got to know yourself and know how to answer these questions ok?


I bet if I ask you about what’s not working in your life or what your problems and issues are you can recite it straight away! Leave that alone for a minute, not to ignore it but know this, you have to know in the pit of your belly, in your soul what moves you, what your desires are?

So I’m really still thinking about it!

What did I learn today?
      Rewrite my bio. BURN IT, set it free! There’s more where that came from!

I’m interested in hearing about how you would answer this burning question, drop me a comment or a line



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