Proactive Letting Go

 I think it’s a universal law that you have to clear space for newness to enter; let something die for something to be born; cleanse to heal; let go to receive. Just like we clear our lungs to take in new air, we need to empty our minds of dull ideas to create brighter lives.

I’m talking here about choosing to let go, not letting go when you are backed so far into a corner with the Universe’s whispers now turning into screams! I’m talking about being conscious and proactive here!

So the let go’s  for today:

Letting go of the promises that I have outgrown, If it’s is keeping me smaller or duller or safer than the person I’ve become, then it’s not serving anyone.

Letting go the material shit that I just don’t like. In fact, if I don’t LOVE it, making a plan to get rid of it.

For the love of life, letting go of the idea that there’s not enough time. Now is what I got for sure and now is all that matters



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