You never know

Awake, You greet another day with the choices that you make, Decide what you will leave, decide what you will take, Decisions are the key to release what you don’t need If you gonna let it be, then you have to let it be! (Natalie Stewart, poet)


It’s really sometimes, well many times, down to a decision! So simple! Just for you to decide what’s it going to be! Decision to me is not saying you are going to do something, that’s part of it, it’s in the doing! Decision is doing! Massive action
On base, I was pulled aside and told about tribes, and tribal disagreements and who might use witchcraft and who will never get along due to tribal tensions which have been going on for hundreds of years.

One of the ladies seems to be particularly bitter, causing havoc and getting into heated arguments and fights quite a bit! I was caught up in one of her “days”. At first I was thinking well golly, why on earth is this lady so over the top! But during the time here I have learnt that I can make a decision on how I respond to any event in my world! I decide! And since on the journey I learnt and believed that there is only one of us here I decided to treat her as an extension of me, which means I treat her the way I want to be treated. It’s my choice to. And that is not to say she is allowed to run amok and be disrespectful but I approach it from a perspective of love and respect. Exactly how I would treat myself! The ice has been melting rapidly!

So what did I learn today?

You just never know if
: someone has just been diagnosed and is thinking about all they have to lose.
: their lover just texted them to say, “it’s over”.
: he wakes up every day thinking he’s about to fail, fearing that everyone else in the world knows something that he doesn’t.

You just never know if
: she’s in the middle of a divorce and is about to go on stage.
: before he was your driver, or your waiter, he was a doctor in his homeland.
: their spirit was fractured as a child by unspeakable things.
: she is frightened — all the time.
: he resists life itself — all the time.
: they are frail from lack of love.

You never know if
: they’re faking loving the heart-hollowed life they fought so hard to make.
: chemicals are coursing through them in destabilizing ways.
: she hasn’t slept through the night in months and months.
: they’ve experienced a loss that will leave a gaping wound for the rest of this incarnation.
: today is especially hard and they’re doing their best, while they wish for just a little more than what they’ve got

Suspend judgement as a practice of your faith in something true, common, and bigger than today.

Avoiding conclusions can be a monumental act of love.  (adapted from the article curatives for judgement)





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