Love like ah river!!

I believe in the power of believing but most of all I believe in love, love like ah river love like ah flood, bring it down! – 3 canal

The adventure continues! Drove about four hours and decided to get something to eat, I was soooo hungry! The four drive was effortless as the roads were tarmac and I was pleasantly surprised! Stopped off, got into the restaurant and asked what’s for lunch. Madam, there is beef, goat, chicken. Any vegetarian dishes? What?? Vegetarian as in no meat? Madam who eats food with no meat? With a total look of disgust on her face! Ok then, next stop, drove three more hours, stopped at another restaurant, the place inside is very dark. Hmm this is different. I ask what’s on the menu? Liver, beef, goat, chicken and fish with Matooke or Rolex. Ok cool, fish and rolex. Ten minutes passed, she comes back, no fish, let me prepare some liver for you, it is good for you. No, no thanks, I will just have hot Rolex. Hot? Madam there is no power, you cannot get it hot! Ok then cold Rolex I am starving, as she walks away, who eats food with no meat??

Was that a sign of things to come?

The place is beautiful, one of the top ten beautiful places I have been in the world, totally organic, I mean totally!! The eggs come from the chicken outside, the coffee from the garden, the bread was made from flour that was grinded outside! I  thought it was great!! Waterfalls, lush green scenes and it felt like I could drive into the clouds!

Then she asked me do you eat white ants? Huh? Oh in your language termites? No, no thanks! What else is there? Black tea. Ok black tea it is! But madam its nice, try it! Not today thanks!!

This area is where there is still Female Genital Circumcision (FGM). There is now a campaign for it to stop and discuss what’s the reason and the alternatives. My host tells me its also for men and for him it signals becoming a man. So he takes the pain knowing he’s now a man!

The thing with the girls though, many of them die! The elders say it is done to quell the urge of women to have sex and is particularly useful as the men go away for months to work so it stops the women from straying! The people in the district are open to change.

So what did I learn today?

Best thing for me in the village, there are 60% of the children which are orphans, with their parents dying from HIV. The village takes care of all the orphans. Any money they make they put aside to take care of them! Wow how awesome! Talk about it takes a village!!!

Today another 8 hour journey!! Will let you know how it goes


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