Stop the glorification of Busy!

Walking through life feeling overwhelmed is a courage barrier. You can’t do your best work, be connected to yourself and others, or live your courageous life when there’s a constant, nagging undercurrent of “More to do! Not enough time!” or a sense that peace is only available…after you get past your to-do list. Kate Courageous, author

I’m too busy to do that! How many times have you heard or said that? I have so much to do, I can’t do that! What about that one?

I’ve learnt to stop the glorification of busy! There is always enough time! It’s all about choice and perception and many many times its either fear, laziness and lack of discipline that triggers those words “I’m to busy”!

How is it self loving to be too busy to exercise, or eat lunch, or eat at all? How does it help your family when you are too busy to spend time with them? How does it help your business or relationships because you are too busy to return phone calls or messages – that one is simple rude!
We’re all busy right? It’s called life I’ve learnt! The cold hard truth is that the majority of things on your list is there because you chose it, you signed up for it, in your decision to become more ambitious, more something, whatever it is! If not, you didn’t have the courage to say no to it, complaining about it well really is screaming victim!

 So, stop moaning and complaining about being busy! Show up, do your best and tell the truth, people will understand! We know what’s the deal, we are all here alive and living with things to do as well! According to Danielle La Porte, report on life, rather than whining about it. Deliver it with ease or with pride if you’re inclined




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