The Disease to Please

Praise and blame are all equal and only feedback, not truth. Mastin Kipp

Chances are that when you show up as yourself you will piss some people off! Chances are that everyone is not going to like what you have to say and what you stand for. Chances are that some of the decisions you make will not go down well with your family members, chances are that you may not even please yourself every single time. Show up and step up anyway.

If you want to step up, step out, shine and let it go!

I suffered from the disease to please – I’m in recovery now!

I had this notion that I must not piss people off but I have learnt when you show up as you and living your truth chances are that pissing people off is inevitable. Show up anyway!

I was asked here why do I feel the need to have to prove anything to anyone? I have nothing to prove. Just be you, all the time, do your best and that’s enough!

If you’re not generating some resistance, you’re probably not fully stepping out. Step out anyway.


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