It's the simple things!

The other person acts as he must act, according to his nature. And you react the way you react, according to your nature. Your reaction is not caused by the action of the other as it apparently seems. Your reaction (of bad feeling/disgust etc.) was caused because the seed of the feeling was within you, waiting to be triggered by any external entity. Sudhir Krishnan

It’s the simple things, the small things that turn to big things! The law is clear, whatsoever you sow you reap, it doesn’t matter if you sow them unconsciously. This is why it is so important to pay attention and be conscious of what you give your attention to.

Many times on the journey I would use as an excuse that is was someone else’s fault that justified my behaviour and my response to people and events, but I have learnt that the old saying of how one behaves is their karma and how your respond is yours. I started paying attention and taking responsibility for the seeds that I plant! This is not to say that you let people disrespect you or take the piss! Sometimes the loving response is indeed NO!

So what did I learn today?

It’s no one else’s fault how you respond or react to their behaviour but mine, I always have a choice on how I do respond. When the response comes from a place of love it works, because love always wins!




  1. Interesting! Many times you might say that someone acts indifferently to you or you think someone may not like you, when in some instances it may actually be your own defensive or stand-off behaviour that is causing persons to stay away or reflect that same behaviour

    So project love, don't take crap,take responsibility for your actions when needs be and experience the change in you and persons around you.


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