Things you don’t use. People who use you. Possessions-roles-gigs that make you feel pinched, or awkward, cheated, compromised, heavy, confused…stuffed — they need to go. You know this. But it’s not just because dumping the chump and reducing your carbon footprint is a rightful, socially responsible and life-affirming action. It’s because possibility requires space to unfold. Danielle La Porte author

Clear space.
Expand possibility.

Clear the way, make room, I’m coming through! I’ve noticed that over the past few months that I am getting comfortable with making room and clearing out! It was a tough journey to get here but I know when it’s being “forced” on me that it is time to pay attention! When I was coming to Uganda I took the stuff that I thought I would need the most and packed it. It fit into two suitcases. I got to the airport and they told me that I was only allowed one case I can either pay for the excess or leave it. I said I need my stuff I will pay, then they hit me the price! Same as a ticket. I told the man you must be joking! Why is it so expensive? He says for safety reasons be quick there are people behind you in the line! I did not have the money and I did not have a credit card. I stood there feeling like a chump! First I was thinking wait, you don’t even have cash for this? What is really your story at this point in your life? Then came the other layer, what will I do without my stuff? OMG!? In the end I left it! I got here lighter! And I don’t miss the stuff again one little bit!
So I began to think, well what the heck else was I holding on to and being forced to get rid of? A whole lot!!! And why am I holding on to it, I don’t even use it and many of the other “things” really serve no purpose in my life- Fear!!

Time to start shedding!
It’s been a slow process!

So what did I learn today?
Release is evidence of TRUST!



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