I finally got the key!

What is the point? What is the purpose in lashing out with the intention to hurt and maim, only to later attempt to justify or solidify one's reasons for being vulgar?
What is the purpose? Natalie Stewart (poet)

Yesterday I lost my car keys in Kampala at about 9.30am! Well well what a lesson, simply, do not lose the keys to your car in the African matrix! Then to find someone who I can understand and who can understand me to come to the car and make a duplicate!
I called the base, they told me don’t get a locksmith they will make a copy and come and steal the car, hot wire it!
Me? Hot wire a car? I know I am learning new things but hello hot wiring a car in Kampala no sireee
I asked them why are they always thinking the worse about every situation? They told me if I live here long enough I will realise that people are not what they seem. I told them I refuse to think that way there must be some good left in the world!
I was left to my own devices to get creative and find a solution at approximately 7am, I did, found a locksmith and the keys were cut! Halleluiah!!
 It worked a peach in the end but talk about the value of communication and more importantly loving communication and seeing the good in people!



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