Cosmic Cha-ching!

Work simpler and get better results.
Bitch less and things sort themselves out.
Think less and be more creative.
Put in fewer hours and get a greater return.
Sell less and sell more.
Push less and get farther.

Cosmic cha-ching.

Danielle La Porte, author

Simply put, how you feel about what you do makes a huge difference! I am talking about that deep down gut feeling of passion and joy. If its missing in what you do then you might as well know that your heart will be yearning! It’s going to be a chore! There are sometimes when the going gets tough, and when it does the passion pulls you through it!

And why don’t we follow that path? My take is fear! Fear of not making enough money, fear of not providing for your family, fear of the unknown but I have learnt that the Universe works for you and will never give you a passion, a talent, a gift and leave you stranded! It just will not happen!

Become aware, listen, trust yourself and know that your gift will make room for you in the world.

So what did I learn today?

With no cash, no support from family and friends, a civil war a passion , a clear vision and a big fat dream a business was started, awesomeness all round. Giving thanks for being here and seeing it up close and personal




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