Life provides us with do overs!

How you get so fly? . . .
from not being afraid to fall out the sky.
—Jay Z, “Beach Chair”

Life provides us with some do overs. Lira town, up North as well, post conflict area. The Company was the first one to set up a business post conflict, the army still “protects” the compound. The business is doing well we set up some mobile shops and the demand is high.  So we are discussing next steps. Madam smart woman, you will go again and find a shop and premises for us in Lira. Me? Yes madam. You arrange to meet with the landlords, and get us a shop up there!
Remember the last time? (How could I forget, got duped paid 1million and the “landlord vanished) but what about last time I asked? Yea what about it? You want me to go again and arrange a shop? Yes madam, you will arrange it and learn from that last time (oh oh here comes the speech)

you’re always wanting to know “well what about this situation?” or “what about that situation?” “how does it work here?” “how does it work there?” In your deep searching it seems that you believe that things are circumstantial and conditional therefore you are going about trying to create the perfect circumstances and the right conditions assuming that acquiring these will create the space for you to be all that you are to be. The all that you are to be is never ever dependent on outside circumstances, outer expressions If this is the place where you live inside your head then you will never know what it is to follow your intuition and know that when you do, you will always be very ok!


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