The Storytellers

whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. Phillipians 4

We lost one of the trucks in the village she was gone for days! We were brainstorming on what to do, one of the ladies was on the truck with a driver. Just as we were about to send someone to look for her she called, said that she was ok and would be coming back at about 9pm. I said I would be there.
She came back and related me a story of what took place that had her "missing "for a few days that had my mouth on the floor, which is for another time . Anyways in the middle of the story she asked me who are the story tellers in your town? I asked her what do you mean.
She said, who tells the stories, ok maybe who interprets the news, the things that happen for all to understand makes you think, makes you proud make you empowered. I don’t mean the news on TV their role most of the time is to make money it’s not always in your town’s best interest. 
I say ok I get it, like for us we have calypsonians, I got excited I go for my David Rudder collection – here listen to this, she said that’s good. Who else, you got more? More? Am I say we have some real good young fellas called Freetown Collective here, listen to this. She liked them too. Anymore? Where are the women, do you have people who don’t sing but tell stories as well? the men are good, the women tell a different story, there is need for a balance, this you should know.
I am  now scratching my head! I say ok Ella Andall, I got her here on my iPod. Madam, ok so is there not many people that tell your stories, the stories that everyone needs to hear? I really don’t know! Well maybe you need to start telling some of the stories because somebody has to tell the stories to the ones coming behind.
Someone has to tell the stories for the preservation of pride and culture and for the legacy! Someone has to tell the stories that are true and honest. The truth needs no defence and no protection. Hmm And Madam, it is not just telling a story, it is how you tell the story. How you tell the story is important. The story must have a purpose, it must be affirming, empowering, teaching. It must not be a litany of complaints and woes!

Ok Madam let’s listen to some of that music again, it is very good! I am interested in how rat kills man in the clean land!
(David Rudder Lyrics - somebody promise to clean up the land, but in this strange land rat still killing man)


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