Post Conflict Discussions

Admiration isn't something that can be brokered, sincerity isn't a contractual thing. Danielle LaPorte

Our model for post conflict rehabilitation of women farmers is working well. We have been getting invitations to discuss and share from all over the world. I have been spending this week with the women who really just want to get on with life and provide for their families .

I believe the reason the programme works is because their motto and mind set is self reliance, self empowerment and there are no victims here. One woman asked me if I ever lived through a war. Nope! She said the war stopped schools businesses family life and some people's hope but we are here and rebuilding. 

They laughed at me because I wanted some mangoes and guavas. They told me madam go pick. I picked it and asked them where can I wash it. Hilarious laughter and uproar!

I've learnt that what will matter is the good we did not the good we expected others to do!Peace!!


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