the purpose of your life is joy

The basis of your life is freedom and the purpose of your life is joy. The result of that will be never ending expansion. People believe that growth is what they are here for and so they put the emphasis on growth and not on joy Marianne Williamson
Yesterday I had the great privilege to spend some time listening to a forum facilitated by Marianne Williamson, the wonderful author and speaker, one of my greatest teachers on this journey. She talked about changing your thoughts and how that changes your life.

This is what I took away from the session, what I learnt

So what did I learn today?

There is nothing random about our lives, we are really and truly here for a purpose. We have been conditioned and taught that life is about collecting, accumulating, growth and comparison. And therein where the treadmill starts. We go for the growth and compare what we have and what we do with others not realizing that everyone has their own blueprint and purpose.

When you have a burning desire within you this drives you and it may not be an easy path but it will eventually turn out well. There really is no desire that is given to you that you work it and you fail! It really is that simple. We are always being guided, nudged and moved but its up to us to listen and pay attention. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

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