What keeps me out of jail!

Acceptance is medicine! Stephanie Watanabe, author

So I am in Gulu this week, North Uganda. I am driving with "miss I don't stop for the police". We stop to buy water, get out the car and cross the street. Going back to the car I see it surrounded by a group of men in uniform. She looks at me and says oh oh you better talk or else we spend the week in jail instead of in Gulu. I'm confused. She walks past them and gets in the passenger seat they stop me. Madam, we are impounding this car and taking you to jail. Huh?? I laugh because it must be a joke. Why did you park here? There's about 6 other cars parked along side me. You are not supposed to park here. Let's go! Court is in the morning you spend the night in jail. So I ask you're taking me to jail for parking here? Yes madam. What's so special about this spot? You are disturbing the pavement. What pavement? This one. Officer this is not a pavement. Have you ever seen a pavement? Let's go madam I have no time to waste. Officer there's no way I'm going to jail this aint a pavement there are other cars parked here and there's no sign. He calls his colleagues. They are now all out their car. Madam let's go. They tow truck arrives. Officer I don't know what to tell you but I'm not going out like that! One of them pulls me aside and says pay us 50000 it gets you out of jail. 

So what did I learn today?
50,000 keeps me out of jail (that's about 20us)



  1. Wow! Corruption is everywhere. It's a pity that you couldn't report them to their superiors, but that might even get you in more trouble!


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