Feeling Good in the New-ness

You can't go back under any circumstances! Throw gasoline on the bridge. Strike a match and burn it. You can't go back to the old you...because you know that person is your greatest enemy. You can't go back to the old habits...becaus­e those choices will sabotage you. You can't go back to that old relationship. That old relationship not only held you back, but it got you off track, and dislocated you from yourself. You can't go back to the same old people...becaus­e the person they once knew doesn't live here anymore. You can't go back to the old places...becaus­e they don't fit into your future.
Look at yourself. Be honest with yourself. Don't look back because in doing so, you will be pulled back in. Keep your eyes looking forward. Work on yourself. Develop yourself. Pursue your dream. Build a new life by attracting new people, and creating a new reality! This is your time! You can't go back...because you've come too far to turn around now
Les Brown, author and motivational speaker

I woke up this morning feeling energized and brand new. Just as I was getting ready to have breakfast I picked up my morning readings and Les Brown was staring me in the face, I thought that I must share it today!

Throw gasoline on the bridge and burn it! There is no way, no route back! Forward only! How awesome is that? Choose to move forward!

Today is my birthday I am spending it in Uganda, no one on the base knows I haven’t really told anyone, I had a wonderful breakfast, and I realised wait, I am spending this birthday with myself, this is different to by myself! With yourself is when you are happy to spend time in your own company, with yourself is having faith knowing that you are being groomed and prepared for something big!

Today I spend time with myself and I am grateful!

So what did I learn today?

I’m out of the comfort zone and feeling good in the new-ness



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