Who are you becoming?

Real bliss and ecstasy come from activating one’s potential, not mere accomplishment or getting things.  The real message behind that is, on the way to accomplishment you have to become something.  So your real juice comes from what you have become as you are moving toward accomplishment or acquiring.  As you spiritually mature, you realize the secret was really in becoming yourself and in having activated a potential.  That’s where your real joy, real happiness, comes from. (Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith)

I had a meeting on Saturday. The first question I was asked is “who are you becoming in Uganda?” I pondered on the question for a minute. Not what was I doing, how is it going. Who am I becoming! I pondered on the question for a minute and brutally honest I couldn’t answer right away. I said, let’s get back to that question while we discuss our way forward.

Have you ever thought of that? Who are you becoming when you are doing something? The journey to where you are going is really important, this is where you get the forks in the road, the bumps, you meet the dragons and how you respond really makes you!!

So who are you becoming on your journey?

So what did I learn today?

I am becoming authentic, real, joyous, spiritual and full of love!



  1. This is such a good question to think about! Sometimes you can get a vague sense of some shift happening inside and never stop to ask what's happening? Who am I becoming? I'll keep this in mind from now on. Thanks.

  2. I thought it was an absolutely brilliant question! and when you can answer with brutal honesty you know that you're on to something!
    Gives you direction!


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