I am only here to be truly helpful

Thought – feeling-action-outcome (Rev Deborah L Johnson)

I am only here to be truly helpful (A Course in Miracles)

 We do a lot of business in South Sudan. I ask all the time to go and they tell me flat out no. When I ask why I get varied reasons including that we don’t do gender and entrepreneurship training of women farmers and that’s the main part of my mandate.

Yesterday one of our partners came back to the office after being in South Sudan for a while. We sat down to chat about what’s going on. Let me just say, like me she is not from Africa, she moved  here from London.

She talked about her time there and was passionate, excited, focused. She said there are so many opportunities but she will not recommend that I go alone. Naturally I asked why! She told me two weeks ago she was captured. Captured?? Yes a group of young men with AK47’s stopped him put her in a bunker and demanded $5,000us dollars. She said ok its decision time! She decided to talk to them as they were not more than 16years old. They told her there’s nothing else to do to make money and capturing people is easy! She told them she would give them $400, telling them $100us per hour she was in the bunker. She asked them if they wanted to work, they said no this was easier.

She told me there are more guns than food, almost every youth walks around with one

There’s no Internet anywhere outside a certain area, and when rain falls there is none!

She told me about poverty.

So I asked her are you going back? She said to me, and I will always remember this, will there ever be another chance in our lifetime to participate in the building of a new nation? You are into development aren’t you? Well you got to develop something! We have the tools, we can share. Awesomeness all round!



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