Internalised Oppression

What we do is we keep score of what we accumulate and the actions and behaviors of others. Create your own reality by being you and focus on you

We were offered this opportunity for “help” from a well known ex politician from Texas USA who has since left office. She turned it down. I asked why, the world knows him and maybe we can get the electricity supply we need at our main base that we have been waiting and doing somersaults to get for 6months now. I ask questions and many times the response has nothing to do with the question, it just makes me think!

Madam, you were taught that “you are what you have”. That there is the power struggle! So you have learnt that if you have more you are more, I AM more. If you have less you are less, I AM less. So here comes the West oh look at how much less they have they must BE less. why? Because you people associate yourself with what you HAVE. You are no more or no less than what you have, I am telling you that you are something, I’ve been telling you from the start and you don’t believe me because you don’t HAVE anything to show, you don’t HAVE it, you have no outer material possessions to back it up! Those “things” are not who you are!

You have been taught once I have it then I am it. No, it doesn’t work that way. That is Internalised Oppression. Nobody keeps you down, you’re doing it all on your own, you are doing it all by yourself. You convince yourself you can’t have it. What a way to keep the “isms” going.

Let us not get caught up in the charity trap that reflects a value judgement that because someone who has material wealth and want to “help us who has less” for publicity alone. Peace!!


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