I welcome the wise to teach!

I am friend to pen
And a lover of strong women
A diamond to men
I am curious and interested like children
I welcome the wise to teach
Appreciator of my culture
Thick not just from bone dense and eat

I have a rhythm in my ways
And a practice in my seek
And yes, I do crave the rhythm of my space
With a man that rejoices in God's Grace

Jill Scott

So the day at my grandma turned out into an outing after eating and talking at the kitchen table! We went to a women's meeting in Port of Spain. It was fiery! Women all up in arms about an impending change of the laws that the Government is putting in place, she suggested that I go, come and do something for your country, come and make a difference, even a little one!
The room was full of women, young, old, slim, thick! Many had a contribution and many were passionate about what they had to say! I was surprised, this is going on here in my country? We went to work, to come up with a response, something that reflected us, something that "made sense". My grandma was shouting, writing, talking! I sat there quietly watching the scenes!
Every day, in every situation there are lessons to learn when we pay attention
The women were passionate, they want to be heard, to make a contribution to the laws for their children.
I am lover of strong women.


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