Are you wishing and never acting?

Until today, you may have been paralysed by when, if, only,or because. Just for today, remember that now is the time! Make something happen in your life and for your life Iyanla, the boss!
I was doing my early morning ritual of meditating and reading something positive and usually its quite a random and I am always always amazed that I am given the exact message that I need for the day or time or situation! I swear meditation is really a way to connect to something higher, your higher self, I don't even know how to explain it! Anyways so I am paying attention to this message this morning and it was really, why are you waiting? Why are you making excuses and justifying doing something that you know is not for your highest good and highest self? Do you know what I am talking about? Can you identify with what I am saying peeps?
Talking about doing something for ages and still not doing it, making up excuses about why
Acting like you don't want something and you do
Telling stories and not taking risks
Wishing and never acting!
My goodness, after this morning's session I woke right up and started making moves!
Sometimes all I need is a little nudge!
Massive action today, making it happen!


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