Are you comfortable with uncertainty?

We Spirits in these human space suits
Remembering where we came from as we migrate
As we go where we go
Natalie Stewart

Are you comfortable with uncertainty? I have learnt that to live a life with peace of mind, it is essential to have some level of comfort when you find yourself in a circumstance or situation of uncertainty! Listen, I have also learnt that I cannot control everything, I simply do not know how it will all turn out and to waste time worrying about it is just, well a waste of time! Get comfortable with a level of uncertainty or worry and stress and control until you stress yourself out!
How many times have I tried to manipulate a situation and what I wanted was not even close to the awesomeness that the Universe delivered when I let go, now don’t get me wrong I am not advocating that you do not do the work. I am saying when you have done the work, that your thoughts, words and actions line up and don’t contradict each other just let it go and trust that what comes through is a lesson or a blessing!
Its a process for me, right now I am in the midst of letting go of a gig I want really bad in NYC I have done all I think possible so now is to just let it go!
Oh BTW my team won on Saturday! Boom! Arsenal all the way!



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