You emotions are very wise guides

Sharing one of my favourite passages from my boy Jackson Kiddard, hope you enjoy!

Your emotions are very wise guides.  As you walk down the path of life and learn more about yourself, you will begin to see your emotions as a great ally.  Inside of you is all the intuitive wisdom you will ever need and your emotions are the expression of that wisdom.  Life is joy, pain, change and primal – your emotions are the building blocks of life.  The true master understand this and expresses their emotions without judgment or the intention of manipulation. As you begin to express yourself and trust that expression life will open to you in the most unbelievable ways.  Creativity will be yours.  Success will come.  Confidence will come.  A brand new life will be yours.  Each emotion is a piece of you and must be honored.  As you get in touch with your emotions and don’t fear expressing them, life will open — you will be yourself, truly, for the first time.


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