Peace is the absence of fear!

Sure of my safety. Thus, free of all fear. For the most part, our lives are run by fears of various kinds; the ego is driven by fear. Peace is the absence of fear. ACIM

In the middle of finalizing a mini book tour for next month, the interesting thing about this is that I have done it before for the first time this year I was privileged enough to do one and thoroughly enjoyed it yet I am chatting last night about the upcoming one and the possibilities and I stopped, gripped in fear! Like what? You want me to do what?? I walked outside, in the cool night breeze to breathe and as I was walking back in the Universe sent its message right on cue, "Girl please, you can do this, stop trippin" Fear is so normal but feel the fear and do it anyways!! So this is just to tell you or make a point that you will indeed face situations where you will be straight trippin as well, scared  and shaking but that's ok, that is part of the beauty of growing and moving out of your comfort zone! The bigger the dream the bigger the fear but then the bigger the achievement and maybe the bigger the party after!!!

Show up, Shine. Let it go!


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