A big luscious life

A big, luscious life comes from small, daily actions Danielle La Porte

So, like I was telling you guys yesterday I am digging Tony Robbins' work this week big time and as I walked downtown yesterday something he said was on my mind like non stop! This is not it word for word but it goes something like, our consistent actions show up as what is happening in our world and he made reference to if you consistently eat donuts and drink soda you will be overweight, if you consistently exercise you will be fit. As I was walking I thought about it, what do I consistently do and how does it show up in my present life? Or do I even do anything consistently? that was a thought I had yesterday and to me it rang so true, if I consistently worked on my next book, I will have another book, if I consistently ate healthy and nourishing foods guess what? I will be healthy!  and it will be the same for the not so good things, if I consistently do self sabotaging actions then my life will reflect them. I love simplicity and Tony broke the thing down simply and effectively! Consistency is really the key!
Think about it today, what are you doing consistently, conscious or unconsciously that shows up as part of your life?


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