Place yourself in an offensive position

The fear of being wrong. The fear of losing control. The fear of being found out. Most of the time, the thing we fear has absolutely no power, yet we brace ourselves for the worst possibility. In that defensive posture we keep our minds fixed on what could or might happen. The fear of facing that imaginary negative outcome is what keeps us paralyzed. Surrender places us in the offensive position. It gives us the opportunity to plan, and to move according to the plan. Iyanla Vazant

I went to Brasso Seco yesterday, a rural community based on the North Coast of Trinidad, they grow mainly cocoa and coffee and a vegetable called christophene which sorry I am not sure how to explain what that is! If you like Chinese food then chances are you may know what it is! It's a pretty long drive to get there, I usually take two and a half hours when I am driving. Yesterday it was raining and the roads are pretty narrow and windy, I was talking aloud to myself saying I think I better call those guys and postpone! - Fear!! I was terrified of driving there alone in the rental with the crappy tires! The inner voice whispered - just go, you are fine!
I get to the community center where the meeting was beig held and it was locked up tight! Oh boy! Just as I was about to call I saw one of the members walking up the hill and we started a conversation and it brought me goosebumps and tears, it had to be one of the most inspirational conversations I had since coming back to T&T! and the thing is I didn't even prompt or ask any questions, I just said I am here for the meeting and havent seen you in a while. I heard about following one's path, being still, going with the flow, listening to the inner voice and how it manifested itself in his life in the experiences that he has been through. And then he told me, you let it go, any decision that is bothering you, let it go and don't resist, go with the flow and trust the small voice that you hear. Spend some time alone and be prepared to lose some people along the way.
Every single time I need it, just as Maya Angelou says, when the student is ready the teacher will appear, are you paying attention?
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