Are you in the NOW?

Good things come to those who wait teaches us patience, better things come to those who go for it teaches us proactivity, what will be will be teaches us acceptance. Bishop (my friend)
My best lesson this week, be in the NOW, be in the moment. What is the purpose of running towards "the next thing" every time? When you are not in the now, where are you? Somewhere else and not being present! So, I have been looking at the next move, the next thing, what I am "supposed" to do and not paying attention to right here and right now! And that is fear and control, I am not in control! I do the work, let it go, enjoy the moment and then there is another now moment!
Let me tell you this also, I did a run yesterday, a tenK! And trust me this teaches you about how marvellous our bodies and minds are and work in sync. I was suffering! My knees were screaming STOP! and I said at that moment what about if I change the tune in my head? I changed it to I can do this, my body is my friend, I sang it, soca style! While I was singing that I swear I heard the voice " be here, now, stop rushing everything and give thanks" Running in nature is really a church!
Anyways, thought I would share that with you!
Are you in the NOW? or are you thinking what I have to do, didn't do, want to do and should do? Try something different just for today!


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