My super Powers!

Fear and discomfort are part of being an entrepreneur: This work isn't safe. And if you're continually growing, you're going to always feel the edges of discomfort. They key is not to try to overcome fear, resistance or discomfort, but to learn how to stay in motion, stay connected to who you are and what you stand for in the face of it. Chela Davidson

I am off today to another speaking engagement, the Ministry of Gender and Youth Affairs graduation for its youth camp in the South of the Island! Giving thanks for the flow!  I woke up this morning to meditate and it never ceases to amaze me how many times connecting with the Source and silence can make the inner voice so much stronger! I had no clue up until then what I am to say to this group! ( And honestly, I still get a ball of nerves at these events!) and just like that it came to me this morning after my quiet time. What did I learn today? The still voice within is always talking to me, when I take the time to listen, drown out all the noise it is revealed so clear and so beautifully I really do sometimes feel to cry knowing that I have this inner guidance that many many many times I choose to ignore! In fact, we all have it, but because more times than not, its not a logical voice, we choose to ignore it either by never being alone, not being still, doing and doing and doing, keeping busy doing nothing, drugs, alcohol, TV you name it! I learnt that this inner voice is my super powers and super powers were given to be used!
Do you ever listen to your inner voice?

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