Don't take it personal

Don't deny any feeling in the spectrum. Give yourself a break and some peace. Instead acknowledging the pain, so you can deal with it in a sane mind, when you brush it aside the ego will have a field day reminding and replaying for you all the times in the past when you were. Remind yourself that as long as you respect yourself, nobody else has the power to offend you. Dawn Barclay

"How does this not offend you?" This being said  at me yesterday, reading someone's comment to me from a post that I did on Facebook.  "It really doesn't"
 "You are really different yes!"
I made a post and someone had something pretty nasty to say about it and I looked at it said wow that is harsh, thought about it for ten minutes and said OK that person needs a dose of love
So I am telling my friend that someone told me that I was a know it all judgmental ars@@ and I laughed and blocked the person. How come you weren't upset she asked. Well the way I see it,either way people have things to say and since I decided to open myself to the whole world then I have to live with the consequences that there will be good and not so good things said about me, If I take everything personal and drink that koolaid I will go loopy! I am not saying that those things do not hurt and sometimes they do but my response is my responsibility! I take all feedback, good and not so good, and I don't take it personally! I learnt that, it wasn't automatic
I am not responsible for how anyone takes or interprets my message- ever! I am responsible for how I deliver mine, authentic and true

I  do know you run a risk?

A risk of actually being seen

A risk of critics, naysayers, belittlers, slighters, mockers, trolls and dislikers coming to watch? I'm so not writing this to scare you, the opposite.
And I am ready! I will learn from it all as if my story can empower one person I would have achieved my goal!

I am so ready
One of the best lessons I have learnt is - Do not take anything personally!
Have a great weekend peeps!


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