I just wanna say Thanks...

If you want to do something you have never done before,
you have to do something you have never done before.
If you want to go somewhere you have never gone before,
you have to go somewhere you have never gone before.

You cannot do something new by doing old things. If
you want your life to change, you have to change your
life. So go ahead. It's safe. And it's also...about time.

Neale Donald Walsh

Today I just want to take the time to be grateful! As I sit here this morning I am reflecting and I just have to take the time out to say thanks!
Thanks for friends and family who care and support me no matter what
Thanks for the people who read this blog, for those who make comments and share their lessons as well
Thanks for my health
Thanks for my body vehicle which houses my soul and works with me even though sometimes I put a lot of junk in it!
Thanks for all the opportunities that have passed through my hands in the last few months and the people who work with me despite my own limitations and sometimes my own fear
Thanks for sunshine and rain and full moons and water and stars and green grass and trees
Thanks for my granma's cooking and kitchen table chats
Thanks for my friend who cuts up my watermelon almost every morning and puts it in a bowl for me
Thanks for my mother pushing books in people's faces declaring " did you know my daughter wrote a book, please buy one?"
Thanks for the lessons, the challenges, that make me stronger and grow in courage and character
Thanks for God's unending grace every single hour and every single day!
Its a pretty awesome feeling!
What are you grateful for?


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